“Capturing truth with the play of light, color and space”

Carrie Zeller is an award winning and nationally published artist and photographer specializing in large-scale fine art originals, photography and filmmaking.
Based in Southern California you will find her exploring new and adventurous places where she captures nature, history, and the human
experience.  Her artistic excursions have included India, New Zealand, Indonesia, Jamaica and several countries in Africa.  She has a gift
for bringing culture to life through her large-scale, one-of-a-kind artwork, using her recognizable signature style featuring the interplay of light,
color and space. In addition to photography, Carrie produces customized short documentary and profile films.  These pieces capture the essence of her
clients’ business or passion, professionally and personally.  Entrepreneurs, artists,
athletes and business owners have benefitted from Carrie’s ability to document the process of what they do best, resulting in an effective way to communicate their message to a broader audience, optimized for use on social media platforms and websites.

While we were all in lock down starting in March 2020, Carrie started working on her mixed media collage series titled “Isolation Creation”. Wood, fabric, paint, glass and photography are the primary materials used creating “RBG, “Lucy” and “Frida. Each piece has unique messaging relating the times we have lived through in 2020/2021