APRIL 2023
VITRUVIAN WOMAN and #Web3WallCollage

MARCH 2023
#Web3WallCollage - Building a Community of TRUTH and STRENGTH












APRIL 2022








MARCH 2022
Laguna Beach Cultural Arts Center - VITRUVIAN WOMAN



















The Development of VITRUVIAN WOMAN

"Three Artists respond to a Historic Year:

A conversation with Jorg Dubin, Carrie Zeller and Tom Lamb at The Laguna Beach Cultural Arts Center" 


Spray Painting VITRUVIAN Circle

Photo Shoot and Cut Outs for VITRUVIAN WOMAN


CELEBRITY Benefit Night at The Festival of Arts 2021

Shane and Brent Kinsman starred in the television series "Desperate Housewives" for four years, and the 2003 film "Cheaper by The Dozen."   Grounded and talented these two men are coming back into the acting scene!!


JULY 2021
STU News Laguna Beach - Zeller Visuals

The Development of VINCENT

JULY 2021
Slumped Glass Globe Assembly

MAY 2021

MAY 2021
TRIPLE THREAT 2020/2021 - Phase Two


APRIL 2021
Glass Globe Assembly


APRIL 2021
The United States Capitol

MARCH 2021
Triple Threat 2020/2021 - PHASE ONE

60 x 40 Mixed Media Collage


MARCH 2021
Creating Triple Threat 2020/2021 - PHASE ONE


The Development of RBG


Framing Frida

Frida Kahlo and Mama Fiona

Zeller Visuals decided upon a painting of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo for another Getty Museum Challenge!! Frida Kahlos love for animals, surreal paintings and human strength inspired us to re-create this piece with Carrie Zeller and her dog Mama Fiona!! 


LONELINESS - Dr. Kerry Burnight

Dr. Kerry Burnight Chief Gerontologist at GrandPad shares about unmasking your loneliness, positive thinking and ways to change your mindset which can help lead your way through the darkness and into the light 🙌🏻💛


JULY 2020
Emergency Physician on the Front Line


JUNE 2020
The Birth of Imaging

French Inventors Joseph Nicéphore Niépce and Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre create the beginning of imaging.

MAY 26th 2020
The Getty Museum Challenge

While museums around the globe are closed due to the novel coronavirus the J. Paul Getty Museum got people to take a stab at bringing
classic cultural artifacts to life on the internet and the results are pretty impressive. “We challenge you to recreate a work of art with objects (and people) in your home,” the Los Angeles museum.  Challenging times have brought out plenty of challenges, and the internet accepted this one in full force.  

Carrie Zeller chose to recreate Lucille Ball on the cover of TIME Magazine which was published on May 26th, 1952. The cover was shot by professional photographer John Engstead. Thank you for following and we encourage you to participate in the Getty Museum Challenge!!

Lucille Ball May 26th, 1952                                             Carrie Zeller May 26th, 2020

APRIL 2020
Picasso's Guernica
Creating Art in tragic times.

  MARCH 2020 
The Coronavirus

"If we share our awareness and knowledge about The Coronavirus, we will have a better chance to defeat it."


Le PeTiT CiRqUe performing at The Festival of Arts!!

Zeller Visuals filmed and documented the magic and beauty of these talented youths (6-15 years old) Please watch the video below as you will be blown away by their spectacular performance!!


JULY 2019
 Festival of Arts opening night!!
 check out Carrie's one of a kind one-of-a-kind artwork  at The Festival of Arts this summer!  Booth #131!  There are no reproductions, no editions.  Artwork is printed on a chromogenic metallic paper and face mounted to a museum quality UV protected acrylic.


 JUNE 2019
Chromogenic Printing

Carrie will be displaying three large scale original art pieces. These images are of people she captured from her travels to Jamaica, India and Nepal. They are printed on a high quality chromogenic paper and face mounted to a museum quality UV protected acrylic.

To learn more about the process of chromogenic printing, please watch the video below as Carrie explains this technique which allows the viewer to be more involved in her original art pieces. 


MAY 2019
One-of-a-kind Artwork! 

Carrie Zeller will be exhibiting this summer at the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach, CA. The Festival, which started in the 1930’s and has been named one of the top Art Festivals in the nation, features work from over 140 artists.  This year Carrie will be displaying her one of a kind original artwork. Sharing captures from her visits to Nepal, India and Jamaica. If you are in the area, stop by. You won’t want to miss this event!


APRIL 2019 
The Art of Blown Glass 

This is a short marketing film of Gavin Heath and Logan Groupe blowing the body of one of Gavins signature hand blown baboons, check it out!!


MARCH 2019 
Michele Taylor - Legacy Film  

Michele Taylor was much like the painted lady butterflies that migrated through Laguna Beach on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, the day she passed. Like these special butterflies, she was strong, and able to go the distance with courage, determination, and elegance – nothing could get in her way. She traveled this life with grace and beauty, bringing into the world a legacy of love in everything she did. Michele had an ability to profoundly touch each person to their core, ignite passions to dream big, and believe that all things are possible. - Suzie Harrison


 MARCH 2019 
Festival of Arts 

This summer, Carrie will be exhibiting her original fine art photography at the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach, California. Watch her 2019 Profile Film to learn more about Carrie and her photography business!! 

HOPE AFTER LOSS - The Karen Perry Story 

Zeller Photography took an adventurous trip out to Gold Canyon, Arizona to document Karen Perry and her tragic story of loss. There were five people including Karen that hiked up the face of The Superstition Mountains to complete her interview at the top of the mountain. This is a micro - documentary about this amazing women and how she chose hope after loss.

Filming The Karen Perry Story 

Carrie is currently working on a micro-documentary film in the Superstition Mountains, Arizona about Karen Perry and her message of hope and healing after loss.


"The Journeyman Artist"  Jorg Dubin

Jorg Dubin has been a professional artist and designer for more then three decades. With a wide range of skill sets, Dubin continues a thriving fine art career. He is also involved in the creative development and production of design projects as it pertains to the hospitality industry. 

He maintains a complete art studio and fabrication facility and is an excellent and reliable resource for a wide variety of art and design projects. He works as an art director and production designer for the entertainment industry. Dubin specializes in creative solutions with positive outcomes as it relates to fine art, commercial art, production and design.


MARCH 2018
Jamaica Life 

Carrie just returned from an adventurous trip to Jamaica, the island known for its crystal clear water, lush topography, and locals who are as creative as they are charismatic. She filmed/photographed their lifestyle and culture as well as the various activities the beautiful island has to offer. 

This newsletter focuses on photographs she took of the LIFE in Trench Town, Kingston Jamaica.  Trench Town is the birthplace of rocksteady and reggae music, as well as the home of reggae and Rastafari ambassador Bob Marley

Please check out the TRAVEL section of Carrie's website for more travel photography, thanks for following!



JULY 2017
Malibu Wedding
On July 1st Carrie had the pleasure of photographing Misa and Paul's incredible wedding in the beautiful mountains of Malibu!  The wedding took place at an adorable private home with about 30 guests that attended. 
Between the mountain range, vinyards and variety of trees there were endless options for Carrie to take magical photographs!  The gorgeous Japanese bride provided parasols so guests could keep cool throughout the afternoon.  As you can see in the image below the sun was setting over the mountain range and Carrie put her creative energy into gear!  She composed a silhouette from the light of the sun through the parasol and matching it along the mountain range to create this romantic image. 
APRIL 2017
Desert Tortoise sighting in the Mojave Desert 
Carrie, Mama and her friend Brittany took an impulse adventure into the Mojave Desert in search for some gold diggers!  Not only did they successfully find gold diggers and learn how to pan for it, they came across a Desert Tortoise which is incredibly hard to find!!  
The Desert Tortoise eats cactus, grasses and wildflowers from March to June!  They store fat and water in their bodies and dig holes to live during hot summers.  They come out again in the autumn when the weather is cooler!!
Check out Carrie's Panoramic Photography on Etsy
Carrie's photographs are printed on a High Quality Luster Paper and mounted to 1/4" solid black sturdy poster board. There is also a protective sealer on the photograph to prevent any damage. On the back there is a 1/2 " poster board where you will find double sided Gorilla tape. Remove the clear seal and apply the piece directly on the wall. Artwork will be floating off the wall at about an inch to give it a professional look! 

Below is an informative video on "how to" hang your Panoramic Photo when it arrives!!
Also please check out Carrie's Etsy shop at zellerphotoart
Kicking off 2017 with Tattoo Photography
Carrie kicked off her 2017 Newsletter photographing people with Tattoos!!!  Whether it is a man perfecting his trade, a girl honoring her family or a yoga instructor taking the bull by the horns, Carrie portrayed their tattoo journey through the lens of her camera!
Below you can view a few photographs that Carrie took during Micheal Hermans Photo Shoot, a talented glass blower that is based in Laguna Beach, Ca.  To visit more of Carries Tattoo Photography please visit the PASSION section of her website!  Happy New Year!!  Make it happen in 2017!

Panoramic Photography

Panoramic Photography is also known as wide format photography!  The term Panorama literally means "all sight" in Greek and it first originated from painters that wanted to capture a wide view of a landscape, not just a certain part of it.  In Panoramic Photography the field of view is similar to what the human eye is accustomed to seeing.  When we look at a normal photo we know that it is like looking at the world through a window, and we are only seeing part of what we would see if we were there.  

I have started to include at least one panoramic photo in each photo shoot that I do so people can really relate to the environment they were in at the time.  The panoramic photo below Carrie took in San Francisco on Arlington Street where her Aunt Snookie lives!!  Snookies house is the one with the beautiful red bougainvillea in front of it!!

Abs of Steel

Carrie photographed fitness model Aubrey Surovik of simplyaubrey.com along with 12 other models for The 5 minute Shaper Pro ab machine coming out in October 2016!!  Carrie was on set as they were filming the informercial for the Shaper Pro and her job was to document all fitness models on and off the machine, all people involved from the director to the camera man and the overall action happening throughout the day!!  Check out the photos below!



Carrie Takes The Kimball Family Back In Time

If there is one consistent aspect of Carrie's career, it's her creative approach to every shoot she does. As Carrie likes to say "no two shoots are ever alike."  In late 2015, Carrie took a traditional "family shoot" and elevated it to a timeless work of art by recreating a 1920's vintage theme with the Kimball family.  Finding a perfect location, directing the family to be in character and composing the images in an effective way successfully took the Kimball family back in time. 


Pay It Forward

Carrie recently was the featured artist at Moulton Elementary School at the "Reflections Arts Contest" where she presented to the students her artwork and her journey of becoming an artist.  It was a great event that the students explored their creative side through photography, literature and fine arts as the theme of the the project was "Let Your Imagination Fly!"  Check out the photos below of Carrie presenting her art to the students and working with them to help begin their journey of expressing themselves through art.  As Carrie said, "Who better to inspire than a group of kids!!" 


JULY 2015
Zeller Photography Ad Campaign on Orange County Buses

Carrie photographed artist Allison Keefe who is of the seven artist involved in The Sawdust Art Festival ad campaign!  Carrie and Allison chased down one of the 22 buses and had a chance to grab a quick photo infront of the bus!!!  They couldn't be more excited about being involved with this campaign!  Buses will run until August 30th so keep a look out!!


JUNE 2015
Photos Featured in Sawdust Art Festival

Carrie, who has been an exhibitor at Sawdust Art Festival for seven years, was chosen to photograph artists for the festival's 2015 ad campaign.  She photographed seven artists across various mediums of art.  The photos can be seen on all of the Sawdust Art Festival materials, but Carrie is getting the biggest rush this summer seeing her photos on Orange County buses.  Check out the photos of the campaign below!!

Carrie Zeller's Sawdust Ad Campaign PhotosCarrie Zeller in front of the Sawdust Ad Campaign that she photographed.


JUNE 2015
Laguna Beach Magazine Feature

Carrie was recently interviewed for a feature on photography tips for Laguna Beach Magazine.  She contributed her knowledge on portrait photography to the article.  Be sure to stop by a news stand and grab a copy.

Laguna Beach MazineAn article o photography featuring Carrie Zeller.


MAY 2015
Bali Trip to Capture the Essence of Yoga

An avid Yogi, Carrie recently traveled to Bali on a Yoga retreat where she she expanded her understanding of Yoga for her own practice.  She also did numerous Yoga shoots capturing other students of Yoga in practice.  Check out some of the images from Bali in the Yoga Gallery of this website.


APRIL 2015
"All In Time" Film Red Carpet Premiere

Carrie was hired by filmmakers Chris Fetchko and Marina Donahue to cover the premiere of their upcoming movie 'All In Time."  The film had its World  Premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival where the filmmakers and cast celebrated.  Lynn Cohen, star of Sex & The City and The Hunger Games was is attendance as well as the rest of the film's cast.  Check out some of the photos below as well as the film's website at www.allintimefilm.com where you can watch a trailer of the film.

All In Time Film World PremiereCarrie Zellers captures the World Premiere of All In Time at The Newport Beach Film Festival.

JUNE 2013
KTLA TV Interview

Gayle Anderson from KTLA TV in Los Angeles did a feature on Carrie and her involvement in her seventh Sawdust Art Festival.  The news feature highlighted Carrie's Photo and Glass artwork and was shot in her booth at the festival.  Below are photos from the interview and of Carrie's booth at Sawdust.  Be sure to stop by her booth this summer!

KTLA Interview for Sawdust Art FestivalGayle Anderson interviews Carrie for KTLA TV.